We are excited to introduce Susan Emfinger, our new Director of Outreach and Engagement, who started working with us in March of this year!

Susan’s role is to find ways of creating new and stronger relationships in our communities so that CASA can continue to grow and reach more kids over the next several years, and it has been exciting to see what she has already begun! Susan is herself a former foster youth, one who unfortunately did not have the benefit of a CASA Volunteer Advocate. As a result, Susan has a unique appreciation for the service that CASA offers. As Susan often says, “I remember the extreme loneliness and feeling of isolation that came over me when standing alone in court, waiting for a judge’s decision that would determine quite literally where I laid my head that night. Although I had a great social worker, I had only met her once at that point, and her time with me was limited. How wonderful that a CASA volunteer is stays with the youth throughout their experience with the court system to provide that sense of connectedness that foster youth so deeply need. How amazing that CASA is there to advocate for youth who would otherwise have to navigate a very confusing, isolating and emotionally overwhelming experience all on their own.”

We know that our continued growth and excellence can only be achieved in partnership with all of the individuals who have helped us make CASA Baltimore County the unparalleled service that it is today. As you are our most trusted partners, Susan will be reaching out as many of our volunteers as possible, including having short, introductory, in-person meetings. The purpose of these conversations will be for Susan to introduce herself to you personally, to learn more about you and your involvement with CASA, and to discuss any thoughts that you may have about your experience as a CASA Volunteer Advocate and our community partnership efforts.

Thank you in advance for helping with her success, and welcome Susan!