Please spread the word: CASA of Baltimore County needs more men! Right now, while 50% of our CASA youth are male, only 13% of our CASA advocates are men. In no way do we want to diminish the value of our female advocates (they are amazing), but there are some cases that just beg for a stable and trustworthy male figure when such has been non-existent in the child’s history.

Why don’t we have more guys on board? The deterrents may start with a basic gender gap in awareness about the program, or perhaps men share some common misconceptions about CASA. Men often think of CASA as a volunteer role that’s only for retirement. In reality, most of our male advocates work full-time jobs. Others may not be as comfortable volunteering with young children, however many of our youth are in their upper teens, just needing support and friendship as they navigate leaving the system. Once started, most male CASAs thrive in their role, finding it personally rewarding and filling a void for a youth who may have no other consistently supportive adult. Some of our CASAs who are retired have commented on how much they enjoy having a volunteer position that allows them to interact with professionals and where they can continue to use their skills.

If you know a guy who would make a great CASA, tell him about us! Have him visit our website at, or encourage him to attend our next Online Information Session on Tuesday, August 25, from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Click HERE to register for the Info Session or to share the link with a friend. (Of course, the Info Session is open to everyone, not just men!)