Be a Voice for Children: ADVOCATE!

CASA volunteers come from all walks of life, have disparate backgrounds and professions, and are all ages.  No legal or social work background is necessary to volunteer.  The only requirement is a big heart and the willingness to be a voice for a child. Thirty hours of training is provided before the advocate’s work begins, and ongoing staff support and continued trainings occur along the way. Advocates are asked to commit to one year; however, most stay longer, as most of our cases do not close within a year.  The typical time commitment for volunteering with us is seven to ten hours per month, which includes seeing the child at least once a month. 

To learn more, simply fill out the inquiry form or contact our Advocate Coordinator, Janis Bormel, at You are welcome to join our next Information Session, but this is not required to begin the process. You can get the details of the next session HERE.

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Starting a High School CASA Club is a great way for students to help children in foster care while gaining leadership skills and having fun with classmates.  CASA Club members will learn about CASA of Baltimore County, the foster care system, and the importance of providing each child in foster care with an Advocate.

CASA Clubs are 100% initiated and led by students.  We want this to be a fun, educational, and rewarding experience for all students involved.  While the primary goals for all clubs are the same (generating awareness and raising money for CASA so we can help more children), we encourage each group to come up with their own creative ways to reach these goals.

CASA of Baltimore County will hold periodic meetings for all CASA Clubs in the area to learn more about CASA and share ideas.  All Clubs will also be encouraged to participate in and support our Annual Wacky Tacky 5k and Fun Run in the spring.

The efforts of your CASA Club can truly make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children in the Baltimore area.


Organize Your Own CASA Event!

Anyone can host a fundraiser at home or at another location! It’s a great way to create awareness and raise funds to support CASA of Baltimore County. Some examples of events include golf outings/tournaments, jewelry (or other product) parties, or bake sales. Or charge admission for game-themed parties, kids’ parties, or dinner parties in your home. Your church/synagogue or workplace might agree to organize a special collection for CASA (and we’d be happy to give a great presentation!) The sky’s the limit, and every penny counts! Plan a party or event today!

Call the executive director, 410-828-0515, for more information.

If you want more information about becoming a CASA volunteer call the CASA office at (410) 828-0515 or e-mail us today for more information and an application. You may also download the application.