What is a High School CASA Club?

A High School CASA Club is a student-led, student-initiated organization on a school campus that works with CASA of Baltimore County to provide advocates for children in the foster care system.
The primary goals of the CASA Club are:

  • Awareness - Generate awareness of CASA and the needs of foster care children in your community. Educate teachers, parents, alumnae, etc., about CASA.
  • Recruitment - Through education and awareness of the program, recruit more CASA volunteers.
  • Fundraising – Raise money for CASA of Baltimore County to allow us to serve more children in the Baltimore area. (Every little bit helps!)
  • Annual 5K and Fun Run - Support and recruit participants for the annual CASA Wacky Tacky 5K and Fun Run.

How do I start a CASA Club at my high school?

  • Recruit a core group of people who are interested in starting the club.
  • Find a committed Faculty Advisor
  • Meet your school’s requirements to form a group
  • Fill out and return the CASA School Club Application
  • Meet with CASA of Baltimore County (We’ll contact you after we get your application.)
  • Attend an annual meeting for CASA Club members from schools around the area

What are the ongoing requirements of running the club?

  • Recruit members of your club
  • Elect officers
  • Write a plan for your club –approved by school and CASA
  • Plan activities to meet club goals
  • Have fun!

Does CASA of Baltimore County tell us what to do or get involved in our Club’s activities?

Each Club is unique and we encourage Clubs to plan activities and fundraisers that work for your club and at your school.  We ask that you keep us up to date about the activities you have planned. We are always available to provide assistance as needed.

What is the Wacky Tacky 5K and Fun Run?

The Annual Wacky Tacky 5K and Fun Run was started by the Hereford High School CASA Club.  It takes place on the Hereford Cross County Course, one of the most challenging courses in the state of Maryland.  Participants are encouraged to dress crazy.  The run is a big fundraiser for CASA, so we encourage all CASA Clubs to promote and support the run.

If you have questions or would like additional information about forming a CASA Club, email us at info@casabaltco.org.