Five for 5 Campaign

CASA of Baltimore and CASA of Baltimore County, the Court Appointed Special Advocate programs of the Greater Baltimore Area, are thrilled to announce our new and exciting initiative, the Five for 5 Campaign!

Our Vision

The vision of this campaign is to raise awareness within the African American Community about the void and need for African American volunteers, with a special focus on African American male role models, for children in foster care. Our goal is to build long-term and sustainable connections and partnerships with a minimum of five representatives from each of 5 pillars within the African American Community: 

  • Places of Worship
  • Higher Education
  • Pan-Hellenic Council
  • Civil Rights Organizations
  • Social Groups

These individuals will help to increase the number of African American volunteers who will become advocates for children served by CASA.

Volunteer Demographics Matter

 In order to best serve our youth, our volunteers must reflect the population of kids we serve, the majority of whom are African American. These volunteers will mentor and speak up for children, while advocating for the desired outcome of placement in loving, safe and permanent homes.  

CASA of Baltimore 

  • 65 volunteer advocates 
    • 49% are African American (31 total individuals) 
    • 40% African American women and 9% African American men 
  • 183 children 
    • 81% of which are African American (148 total individuals) 
    • 50% are female 
    • 50% are male 
    • 67% are 0 to 17 years old 
    • 33% are 18 to 21 years old 

CASA of Baltimore County 

  • 171 volunteer advocates 
    • 22% African American (38 total individuals) 
    • 20% African American women and 2% African American men 
  • 207 Children 
    • 41% African American (84 total individuals) 
    • 57% are female 
    • 43% are male 
    • 67% are 0 to 17 years old 
    • 33% are 18 to 21 years old 

Our Ambassadors

Head Shot 16168-005

Jennifer Stine


Chantel Clea Goins